Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A little Facebook survey...

Last week, I did a little informal survey on my FB page, and asked the question: “What does it mean to you (personally) knowing God as the creator of the universe (if anything at all)?

I was actually overwhelmed by the responses. I received dozens of replies and many of them took note of the importance of purpose. Let me share the essence of what I read:

When I think of Him as creator I can’t help but think of people. He made us sooooo specifically & intentionally. It increases my confidence about our value, which then raises the whole matter of stewardship and why we should care for ourselves and each other…

My faith in God (as creator) gives me hope ... it gives me a sense of purpose in life that I cannot imagine living without. It keeps me from giving up!

I think that our being made in the creators' image gives us our creativity, and it gives creativity value in all its forms whether artistic or scientific. Appreciating the created order and being “in it” gives meaning to life on so many levels whether that's through smearing some paint on a canvas, writing some computer code, or analyzing a string of DNA...

On my drive to work every morning I notice the colors of the early sunrise and KNOW that my God created this! If there is this beauty “out there” then that same kind of beauty must also be “in here.” What does that have to say about all of us?

Knowing God is my creator gives me a sense of security - if He can create all this then he can surely protect me, care for me, and love me… I have peace, joy and love all because I know the One who made the sunrise and sunsets, the mountains and the ocean, the laugher of a child, and the timely touch of a friend who knows you are hurting…

It keeps me in constant awe of my experiences. I cannot not be in awe, no matter how much I would like to contain it :-)

I would say I'd be a lot more afraid living in a 'chance' world. Chaos is violent and frightening. There is no place for mercy in a world ruled by chaos and chance. In a naturalist world “the strongest always wins'” and, being one of the not-so-strong, I would be left unprotected.

God being the most incredible artist, having created all we know, is comforting to me, because if He made me in His image, then I am more than I often think I am.

I was overwhelmed in reading these responses. In fact, I was so intrigued by what I read I wanted to ask another (larger?) audience. Do you have thoughts on this? Does knowing that there is a personal creator God behind the beauty of creation mean anything special to you? Why/why not? Please feel free to email me through this site or message me through my social media sites.

Thanks for sharing!

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