Monday, March 28, 2011

And the winner is...

One of the great things about the world of technology is that a person can walk through a project like this and not feel alone.  It has been quite overwhelming actually.  I have felt so supported and encouraged in this endeavor.  I wonder how I got so lucky to have such great friends. 

To everyone who joined me in prayer over this last week – thank-you!  Your advice, perspective and input are invaluable. 

Soooo… drum roll please…  

I made a decision on Friday to follow through with Bridge Logos...the contract I already had in hand.  Here is my reasoning:

  1. The BL deal was a good deal when I signed it in June, and the delay didn't change that.  If anything, my interactions with them have been much more positive since their re-organization, and they seem anxious to re-establish themselves as a "reliable" publisher. 
  2. I will be a bigger deal at BL than I ever would have been at Zondervan.  At BL, I am the proverbial "bigger fish in smaller pond." I had already approached Zondervan (through my sister) a year ago and they weren't interested then. I wasn't sure how much more interest my new contact might be able to generate than when my sister tried. 
  3. When I talked to my Zondervan contact on Friday AM, she said that she never actually spoke to anyone there but did forward my proposal.  However, they are notoriously looonnnngggg in their approval processes. So, when I explained the situation to her - even she encouraged me to take the offer in hand.
  4. The good news about Zondervan is that they are releasing a book in the early summer where Woodcrest is featured.  To follow that up with another book by the pastor of WC in the Fall (which is when BL is planning to release it), makes a lot of sense from a PR stand-point.  I can leverage their publicity efforts on the first book without having to wait for them to get interested in mine.
  5. I couldn't get over the hump (emotionally) to self-publish. I didn't want to have to raise funds for the inventory nor do the "pushing" required to get the book noticed.  BL has committed a marketing person to get shelf space in Christian book stores and help coordinate speaking arrangements - and that just feels so much better than self-promotion. 
With all that in favor of the BL option, I sent them my most up-to-date manuscript on Friday - and now here we go (again)!

Lord lead on!



Mid Mo Golfer said...

Piet That is great news, you are in Gods favor.
Randy M

obs_lady said...

Congratulations. One more hill crossed...but it's sure to be an interesting ride ahead.

-Mel. said...


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